Dog Cafes in Seoul

 Hongdae, Myeongdong, & Gangnam,

I know I’m bad with money. Case in point, I spent way too much of it at the pet Cafés in Seoul. Animals are my weakness. I love them and most of them love me. My friends and I went a couple times, we made a point of checking out different ones and as my emotions regarding the establishments teetered on sad for lives of the dogs never having a single owner an being kept safe from possible mean patrons, and hopeful that this was a better situation than being in a pet store, being chained up, being abused or being abandoned, at least they are given plenty of attention and well fed. 

The places were pretty clean some more than others, some days more than others. I noticed that some dogs were not there on some visits, so possibly they were rotated out for what ever reason. Each place had their own rules.
 Certain dogs were very attached to the staff, at Bauhouse, in Hongdae I immediately spied a doxie that looked like mine, and she was obsessed with one of the workers. She was under his every step. If he sat down she had to be on his lap- so I almost wonder if it was his dog, because my Isa behaves like that with ME and few others.  Bauhaus is probably the most popular and well-known pet café. 
the norm
 The black and white dog claimed my lap- so I had a cuddle buddy from my first experience. The dogs are pretty lovey. They mostly adore the attention. Their drinks are rather expensive ($8.50+). and so are the treats that you can get for the dogs($3+,) which they encourage you to buy. The doggos go a little crazy with those, you’re supposed to put your hand out flat... and that doesn’t always work. One day I got a pretty good chunk taken out of my finger. One of the dogs was somewhat aggressive especially the more we played, I ended up with some pretty nice bruises on my arm, however, that picture is the norm. 
Overall these places really lifted my mood after all the rough stuff.
카페개네 명동에서
The drinks at both Bauhouse and Gaenae are acceptable. They’re not so great that’s what you’re there for. You’re very much there to see the dogs. At the dog café in Myeongdong (Gaenae) a beautiful Dalmatian was very attached to one worker never leaving his side, and looking rather lost when he wasn’t there- but he looked healthy and well cared for. 
None of this is meant to sound depressing. On the upside the animals looked healthy, I think Bauhouse is a boarding service, and at least you know the dogs are getting plenty of exercise and attention. At Gaenae the reviews are pretty positive. I have to agree with the positivity.

Cafe Gaenae

I went to this place more times than I care to admit.... I think like 5 times truth be told this is why~

Cafe Gaenae had a doxie look-a-like I missed my baby.

While walking around Gangnam one night just happend to stumble upon what I believe is the The Wal'z & Joypia Pet Cafe I can't find a site for them, but that's a travel blog. When we were there it looked like they were remodeling.
 It was a cute place for what was there-architecture wise. It was the BEST shake out of any of the cafes. There weren't a lot of dogs out, I noticed people bringing their own pets! I hadn't noticed that in other places. Several small dogs came and went while we sat there and a pug adopted my lap. 

I will put the cat and raccoon cafés in a separate blog simply for length. 


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