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Looking back on Senioritis aka Senior Burnout

Back when I was getting close to graduating I talked to a friend about writing a blog on everything I was experiencing thinking I can’t be the only one that is this miserable this close to what should be something exciting. There’s this point where you lack motivation to continue. You’re  (so) close to graduating and it's been labeled "senioritis."   The reality was more like burn out and fatigue. I found a blog entry where I admitted that everything I used to love irritated me and I stopped doing many of the things I enjoyed for a while, writing being one of them.    I had a two hour commute to class, and a even made a video detailing a good chunk of my drive, because that was really all I had time for, but I did learn from it, so yay, plus the music is upbeat as you read:  The best part of driving  to school was dancing to the music on the way up, and the beautiful scenery (the 3:00-4:00 minute mark looking for Skagit has the BEST view)

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