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Let me OUT

  ~ How is quarantine going?~   The view looking left out the window Well, I have about four days left and I am seriously starting to hate this.   More than anything, I'd really like to open the ugly monstrosity posing as blinds brought to the 21'st century from the 1980's, and get some light in here, but I can't because some idiot designed them to only do one thing. The view from my bed. Jeepers these are ugly! As someone who doesn't enjoy cooking in general I'm getting rather tired of spending 40 minutes on meals that I can't even save for later since I don't have any storage. Not to mention I really hate the cooking utensil -just the one provided- that I have to make anything with. Recently, I found I reacted rather badly to the Ramen the health department gave me, I'm pretty sure it's the Ramen packet anyway, and probably not boiling the water well enough.  Those are restaurants down there I can smell the (AMAZING SMELLING) food cooking down

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